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Wyzant reviews by students

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Amazing Tutors

I am always in a crunch for time with school work as a working mom. I can always rely on the wonderful tutors at Wyzant to help me with my writing assignments. Especially Kaylena, she is the best tutor. Kaylena gives me helpful tips and is patient with me. Thank you for the academic support.

- Martha from Los Angeles, CA
Super Wyzant!!!

My daughter's first tutor (that I got off of Craigslist) unexpectedly quit after 3 weeks near the beginning of the school year. I was unsuccessful in my search for another through that web site, so I called a couple of tutoring agencies. A representative from one agency responded, but their fees were more than I could afford. That representative suggested a website that she as being a "Craigslist for tutors." I went to WyzAnt.com, read what they are about and how their service works. I liked the payment options, how they allowed me to choose a tutor. I liked that they allowed me to put a potential tutor through a vetting process. I liked being able to communicate with the tutor. I like being able to choose a tutor according to my budget. I like WyzAnt.com for their satisfaction guarantee or you don't pay for the first hour. My daughter and I love her new tutor, Alec G. I just wish that I knew about WyzAnt.com at the beginning of the school year. I may go back to WyzAnt to find a tutor for my son. There are so many tutors for just about every need, for every budget. I'm a happy mom.

- Margueritte from Los Angeles, CA
WyzAnt was a lifesaver

I had searched for tutors on other sites, but when I found WyzAnt my search was over. I have used two WyzAnt tutors and they both were excellent and very knowledgeable in their respective subjects. I definitely plan to continue to use WyzAnt for my tutoring needs.

- MALIK from Los Angeles, CA
Great Tutor

It has been a great experience overall. I found a great tutor for my son and in just a few lessons I started noticing a dramatic change on his reading. I will sure recommend this website to find a tutor. Customer representatives answered all my questions when I first signed up and once you set up your account you do not need to do anything else. It is just great, very happy with the tutor and service!

- Erika from Inglewood, CA
Wonderful Resource

So far this has been a wonderful resource for my family. My son is getting the assistance he needs for the moment. From the registration process to booking tutorial dates, it has been a pretty painless process. Love the constant updates on background clearances of the tutors. I hope to refer the tutoring SVC to friends and family.

- Kee from Compton, CA

I have used tutors from this site for both of my daughters. Each tutor has been amazing! They all have met the needs of my girls and have been very profession. I have recommended this site and friends have been please also. Keep up the great work!

- Makeba from Compton, CA
I like that the service is not complicated

I needed a tutor for my daughter for 6th grade math. I went on the website and was able to have my choice of many different tutors with varying abilities. My neighbor turned me on to it and was also very pleased with WyzAnt. I appreciate the pay as you go option, it really fits my budget.

- Jessica from Los Angeles, CA
Seaching made easy

WyzAnt makes searching for the right tutor for you easy. Being able to review the profiles of the tutors helped me understand their strengths and match the appropriate tutor to my needs.

- Aura from Los Angeles, CA
So far so good

The only thing I would change is the part where you think you are emailing one person and it turns out to be a whole bunch or at least make the opt out part of that way larger so you know it is gonna happen otherwise.

- Erica from Los Angeles, CA
Great help with tutoring and overall experience

I am not a computer person so this has been an experience and a pleasant one! As I needed to find a tutor for my daughter at an expense I could afford, this website has helped me with both. I do not trust websites generally; although, this one has helped tremendously. I would recommend the site and our tutor to anyone. Thank you for all your continued help.

- Kathy from Paramount, CA