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Welcome to our website!

Welcome to my workshop, where I personally hand make and hand finish every wooden article that leaves this shop. I pay very special attention to the use of non-toxic finishes and other safety issues. In particular, none of the items meant for use by children have any small loose parts and the stools are supplied with non-slip cork pads on the feet.

Because everything is handmade, there may be variations from one item to the next. These variations will be minor and will in no way affect the function or life of any article. There may also be slight color variations from one piece to another. This is attributable to variations in the stains or varnishes and in the grain and coloring of the wood. Wood is a highly variable raw material and that is what gives most wooden objects so much appeal !

Our products make wonderful gifts for children of all ages celebrating an important personal life event; First Holy Communion, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Confirmation, nursery school graduation, high school or college graduation, first job, etc. We also have gifts for adults that can serve as a wonderful remembrance at birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or as holiday gifts. Or maybe an adult in your life would appreciate a stool to more easily reach the top shelf (with their name on it too)!

Made in the U.S.A.

We would like to emphasize that we continue to ensure that our products contain no lead or other toxic substances and there are no loose parts on any of our products for children. Everything we make is made here in Massachusetts with care and attention to safety and suitability for the end user.

We will be introducing a new accessory for our Doll Bunk Beds that will add interest for the little girls in your life. It will be a ladder that will allow the Dolls to ascend to the upper bunk. Watch for this in the next few months..!

   Recently added to our products is a new taller version version of our popular Large Nativity Stables that is perfect for the tallest Nativity figurines. It can be purchased in natural pine (no finish) or we can pre-stain it for you at a nominal cost. Also new within the past few months is an accessory for the Nativity Stables; a lighting kit to impart a warm soft glow to the creche scene. Check this out on the Nativity Stable page also.    

We are currently supplying our products, without finishes, to other customers who add their own decorative touches to create unique products for resale. We are proud to be a supplier to these folks and suggest you check out these interesting product lines on the Customer Links page.

Shipping Charge Update!!

Our latest review of shipping fees has shown very little change in what we are being charged. We will make no changes in our rates at this time. However, it is still more economical to ship 2 in 1 box. You can be sure that we will continue to look for the most advantageous rates. For instance, we do switch some of our heavier products or longer distance shipments to Fedex as their rates are slightly cheaper than the other providers. We will continue to watch the rates and make adjustments as necessary.

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